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The plots of the cities, the mountains, the dunes, the canals, the lakes, the architectures welcome you to a territory to discover.


A territory in which transformations and contaminations are peculiar characteristics, restoring the lifeblood of human activity.

Bicycle touring

Our territories are also ideal to discover by bike, in a relaxed and easy way. Get on your bike and enjoy a special experience.

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New Towns of the Pontine Marshes and the Ager Romanus

The new towns were created thanks to the integrated land reclamation, a great urban planning project of the early 20th century that improved...

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The "ciammella all'acqua" (Water ring cake)

In Maenza on the occasion of the feast of San Rocco, on the 16th of August, the citizens of Maenza prepare the water ciammelle (ciambelle) ring cakes. A simple dessert with a unique flavour...

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Caciatella of Maenza

Have you been to Maenza and tried Caciatella, thetraditional Easter pastry?

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Guardia di Finanza (Italian Financial Police) Aviation Museum

The Guardia di Finanza (Italian Financial Police) Aviation Museum is located in the Airport of Pratica di Mare area in Pomezia. Here you can immerse yourself in the wonderful history of aviation and the air, land and naval assets used by the Italian Financial Police corps.

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Fly over Latina with Aero Club

Have you ever wanted to soar through the skies to admire the hidden beauty of the Pontine province from above? Then you are in the right place.

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